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Free your feet and reWild your sole! These are my go-to sandal for 6 months out of the year. They keep me grounded and at the same time, light. Read on for my take on these brilliant shoes.

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Earth Runners are my go to shoe for six months out of the year. They're a minimalist grounding sandal inspired by the sandals the Tarahumara of Mexico wear to run long distances.

Not only are they as close as you can come to barefoot without actually being barefoot, but they've got a copper plug and a strap which is conductive. So these babies allow you to actually GROUND as you would if you were barefoot.

I run in them, hike in them, and wear them to the grocery store.

They promote physical (and I'd argue spiritual) health by putting feet back in connection with the earth. The "technology" (the copper plug and conducive laces) enable the feet to engage in earthing, or grounding, which is considered to be one of the most foundational health practices. Earthing supports healthy circadian biology through its normalizing action on cortisol hormone secretion and blood flow, helping lower inflammation, improve sleep, and speed recovery. For the science, check out the study below.

A bit more about my actual experience:

The first two or so weeks of wearing the Circadian style of Earth Runners were an adjustment for sure. At first, the strap between my big toe and my (...pointer toe? lol) felt too bulky. It didn't hurt, but I definitely felt it. After a couple of weeks though, these sandals felt perfect. I literally felt like they were made for my exact feet.

Running in them has strengthened my feet and ankles so much. Barefoot runners/minimalist runners are also reported to suffer from way fewer injuries than traditional runners (70% of which will suffer an injury yearly from running).

Though, when I first start running with Earth Runners, I realized I was going to have to put my ego aside. Why? Because you basically have to relearn how to run. Instead of landing on your heal, you land on your toes (like you're sprinting basically, for the entire run). After your first couple of runs using this form, be prepared for some pretty tense calves. And for slower run times than usually. But a month or so in, be prepared for some very strong/toned calves.

For me, the best part of Earth Runners isn't the shoe themselves, it's the opportunity to take a step closer to my primal nature.

Oh, and here's the study (actually it's a lit review of many studies) I mentioned:

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p.s. I'm not affiliated with Earth Runners. I just love them. <3

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